Japanese Version
Kazuro Shibuya, Tadao Nomura and Schun Doi (eds.) (2015)
Vantage Points of English Linguistics, Literature and Education
(DTP Publishing)
Preface   Kazuro SHIBUYA iv
Acknowledgements   Tadao NOMURA vi
Part I: English and American Literature      
  【Article】The Numerological Structure of Shakespeare’s Sonnets   Tom OHKI 2
  【Article】An Essay on “The Ant and the Grasshopper” by W. S. Maugham: The Significance of the Intensive Reading in English Literary Studies   Yutaka OKUI 14
  【Article】Daughters of the Vicars and Deconstruction   Masahiro SOMEYA 28
  【Article】A Study on “Misunderstanding” and “Amputation” in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Unconsoled   Ria TAKETOMI 40
  【Article】Longing for Oneness/Wholeness in Ukiyo: The Floating World in The Long Christmas Ride Home   Mao NAITO 52
  【Article】Sam Hanna Bell and December Bride: A View on Ulster   Hitomi NAKAMURA 63
  【Article】The “Crusade” as a Metaphor for the Anti-Civilization Movement in Thoreau’s “Walking”   Nanoka HAYASHI 75
  【Article】Pullman Porters and Their Struggle for Equality in “The Porter”   Tadahiro HONJO 85
  【Article】Wilde and Consumption   Satomi HOMMA 97
Part II: English Education      
  【Article】A Role of Generative Grammar in a Guide to Junior High School Students’ Grammar Learning: Practice in English Course for Eighth Grade Students in Japan   Seishirou IBARAKI
Yusuke KUME
  【Article】Writing on Board or Paper?: Students’ Attitudes toward Electronic Bulletin Board Activity   Noriko IWAMOTO 123
  【Article】The Developmental Processes and Patterns of Japanese Students’ Motivation for Learning English   Kazuro SHIBUYA 133
  【Article】To Raise Self-Esteem in Japanese Learners of English: Preliminary Design of a New Rating Scale   Toshinori YASUDA 144
  【Research Note】Globalization and Reform of Education in Japan   Sadayuki YADA 157
  【Article】Consideration of Providing a Good Approach to Backshift in Embedded Clauses   Nanae YAMADA 169
  【Article】English Teaching in Early Childhood, with Regard to Early Education and Kindergarten-Elementary School Collaboration   Kazuyuki YOKOI 180
Part III: English Linguistics      
  【Article】A Note on the Intensifier Reading in the English Resultative Construction   Akiko ABE 192
  【Article】On Feature Sharing and Subject Position   Satoru KANNO 204
  【Article】Derived Nominals and their Argument   Ryosuke SATO 217
  【Article】Prescriptive Linguistic View and Its Grammar   Yusuke SHIBUSAWA 229
  【Article】An Account of Adjectival Past Participles   Schun DOI 240
  【Article】Are There Really Two Types of tos?: Raising to and Control to   Tadao NOMURA 251
  【Article】A Good Grounding in Grammar Is Essential for Learners of English   Takao FUJITA 265
  【Research Note】On the Historical Development of There-Passive Constructions   Shoko HONDA 277
  【Article】On the Grammaticality of English Existential Sentences and Definiteness Restriction: A Reconsideration from the Perspective of Syntactic Structures of Definite Noun Phrases   Kazuhiro MASUTOMI 290
  【Article】The Grammatical and Semantic Function of Something   Nobuyuki MATSUKURA 302
Part IV: JAELL for 25 Years (1990-2015)      
  A Congratulatory Message   Mario NAGATANI 314
  A Congratulatory Message   Shigeyuki SUZUKI 315
  Committees and Organization/Past Members of Committees and Organization/List of General Meetings of JAELL/Author Index of Studies in English Linguistics and Literature   Tadao NOMURA 316
Contributors       342